Holojam blends virtual and augmented reality together with the physical world

Room-scale experiences with other people

Holojam works with virtual reality and augmented reality headsets to enable groups of people who are in the same location to share a mixed reality – where the virtual world is blended over the physical world. This offers new and exciting opportunites for location-based entertainment. Participants are able to interact with virtual holograms while also able to see, touch, hear, and interact with the other people in the same room.

No motion capture stage or PhD in computer science required

Set it up anywhere

In the past, technology like Holojam needed a motion capture stage that was fully loaded with expensive cameras. Engineers who studied advanced topics like computer vision and low latency networking would spend months writing custom code in order to create a single mixed reality experience. With Holojam's software, a content creator can drag and drop mixed reality functionality into an existing project and get things running over the course of one afternoon - without purchasing any extra hardware.

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